3D Creative Designing

The 3rd Dimension

We are pioneer in 3D creative designing. If every media is changing into 3D format then it’s a time for your visuals to get an attire of 3rd dimension so that it can be used in your marketing and communication campaign effectively. 3D Creative can be used in following applications and can be viewed by naked eyes without using any 3d glasses.
  • Print communication
  • Outdoor advertising - hoarding, unipole, bus shelter
  • Newspapaer advertising
  • Magazine advertising
  • Posters and Standees
  • Floor graphics
  • Airport & Malls media
  • Social Media

3D creative Artwork requirement: Photoshop, Illustrator or CorelDraw open layer file with 300 dpi resolution.

3D creative design for outdoor advertising - 3d hoarding or billboard
3D creative design for bus shelter, bus wrap
3D Floor graphics, 3d window display
3D creative design for social media - facebook, twitter, YouTube | 3D creative design for newspaper, magazine advertising
Bombaynight Media Works is a Mumbai based agency, specialize in 3D creative designing and digital media marketing.

We provide a range of services from new age 3D creative designing to ROI driven digital media strategy. Bombaynight Media Works offers an integrated approach to ensure our clients to take full advantage of 3D creative design and digital marketing solutions.

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