Lenticular 3D Printing

Bombaynight Media Works is providing high quality lenticular 3d printing company in Mumbai and all over India. Lenticular 3D Printing gives the 12 times more visibility to your product.

Savvy marketers, designers & architects around the globe, knows that Lenticular printing & animated lenticular imagery is more effective than static print mediums, to tell a story. Lenticular 3D Printing interactive & entertaining features will help you capture consumer’s attention by involving them far longer, and more intently in your message. Ultimately, helping you leave a positive impression on the human brain.

Lenticular Applications:

  • Product posters & standees
  • Newspaper & Magazine advertising
  • In shop display
  • Window display
  • Merchandise like: 3D stickers, Lenticular tag, 3D Keychain etc


Lenticular technology

Lenticular Printing - 3D effect Lenticular Printing - Flip effect
Lenticular Printing - 3D & Flip effect Lenticular Printing - Animation effect
Lenticular Advertising
Lenticular Wall Art
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